What is Doom Connector?

If you ever wanted to play Doom online, this is your place to be! This lobby-based, online service allows you to play Doom online using modern engines. Besides playing Doom you can chat, send instant messages, file transfers* and keep a list of your buddies. Also shows masterserver lists of general public servers. Many programmers have improved the Doom engine source with extra features like OpenGL, mouse aiming and lots of new multiplayer options. Doom is now ready to be played online and Doom Connector is the software that brings Doom players together for massive multiplayer action in Doom! Doom Connector is free, we’re always open for suggestions and we can help you out if you need anything on this service. Get Doom Connector and get your first class ticket to hell online now! This service is 100% free, all you need is Doom!

Doom Connector is integrated with GetWAD, which allows your client to automatically search for the file of your choosing.

Type ‘/help’ inside the client to view a list of all the integrated features that are included with Doom Connector!