Arcade and Console Emulators in Doom Connector


As like a lot of games in Doom Connector,
there was never an easy way to play them online.
Most of these types of games were only meant to be played
on a local network or not at all. This was actually where Doom Connector was able to step in
and host these games over the (internet at large), either through an
already playable engine over the net, or one that requires
some sort of emulation to do so.

What is CSUME?:

(CSUME) is a client/server version of MAME (what is MAME?),
which also reflects the same reason that
(ZSNES) exists as game support in Doom Connector, as well.

CSUME and ZSNES (are not) Doom game engines, and support was only created
on Doom Connector because the game support developers chose to do so.

*CSUME is a client/server version of M.A.M.E which is of course
a classic Arcade emulator. C = client, S = Server, EMU = Emulator, EMU being short of Emulator.
M.A.M.E = Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator.

*ZSNES is also an emulator, a console emulator of the
classic Nintendo/NES or (Nintendo Entertainment System).

Both CSUME and ZSNES have the fundamentals for online play, which is again,
why we took interest into adding this type of game support in Doom Connector.
There was not any other (real) easy way to do so..


Well this is all awesome an what-not but how do I go about finding someone that would want
to play one of these games? I mean, I didn’t know such a thing even existed!

Most people don’t, but this can all be done through Doom Connector now.
All you have to do is login and host or join supported games, whether it’s Doom or Arcade, the choice is yours!

Engine support in Doom Connector for CSEMU and ZSNES EMU’s require that you have the
Emulator version that supports ONLINE play, be sure to have the correct versions,
otherwise you’d be wasting your time with a version that of course will only work offline!

Required Files:

The above emulators are required of course, but to play a game using them
you will need a game ROM. The game ROMs for these are in a way like
a DooM IWAD, you MUST OWN THE GAME in order to play!


The Doom Connector Team is NOT affiliated with the use of its Users of ROM files through its service,
or where they come from, via internet, social media, or any transfers through out the use of this service.
Doom Connector or ANY affiliates of it’s Team and or service DO NOT, and or WILL NOT by penalty or perjury,
send, nor receive, ANY associated ROM or contained ROM games files through this service, Doom Connector.
Any ROM files used through this service MUST be of legal obligation by its OWNER, and there of, its OWNER ONLY!

By downloading these given Console or Arcade emulators,
please acknowledge and agree with the above agreement!

CSUME    Download 

ZSNES     Download