Setting up Doom IPX


What is it?:

Doom IPX and Doom 2 IPX are supported games in the Doom Connector. They support both original games (Doom or Doom 2) with an updated IPXSETUP and run in Dosbox with IPX emulation driver. Now with the ability to use a GUI (Doom Connector).This then allows you to play these classic Doom games over the net without hassle of command line or shortcuts. The new IPXSETUP by xttl at Doomworld - (see readmeipx.txt for details) has the abilty to play cross country without lagg or hardly any in a LAN game fashion. This is an eye opener to many as we can now easily play the original Doom or Doom2 over the internet.


• Ok so what do I need to do?

First you must own the original game, EXE and IWAD, Doom Shareware, Ultimate Doom or Doom2. Whether it's the store bought retail, or through Steam. With the exception of Doom Shareware, it's of course free.

Next you'll need to download the new IPXSETUP, Dosbox inlcluded, and then install/extract it to your Doom/Doom2 directory.



or if Steam version:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Doom 2\base

Note: The Steam version already has Dosbox, so you can either over write it or use the existing one. The one in the Doomipx package is however, newer.


• Ok, now what?

Load up Doom Connector, navigate to the Games menu; select Doom2 Hell on Earth IPX or Ultimate Doom IPX, and select the location of your Doom or Doom2 directory.

•Ok is that it?

Well, almost. Among all the other settings in the Setup dialog, you'll notice something about Controls. This is of course where you would setup your controls for Doom. The reason for this is so Doom Connector will have its own defualt.cfg, leaving your original default.cfg untouched. On game launch, DC will backup your original default.cfg, create a new one, and then restore the original when the game ends. So it's pretty important to setup your controls and whatever other settings in this dialog during Setup. Once these settings are made, DC will remember them and they will be ready next time you login.


•Ok nice! But what if I'm behind a Firewall?

Doom IPX is setup internally to use network port 5029.


•Can I play the game now?

Yes! You are good to go! Feel free to Create a Room, then select Game Settings for a Solo or Net Game!


•What about loading Pwads?

Pwads can be loaded through DC's Addons selection in Multiplayer Settings. However sense we are using a 25 year old game, there are some restrictions to this. Doom can't look beyond its game directory for external files (or can it load a file with more than 8 characters), so what ever pwads you would like to load will need to be in the Doom/Doom2 directory. The easiest remedy to this is to add Doom or Doom2 as an Addon directory in DC's Addon Locations setting. Once this is done you will get a list of avalible wads in your Doom/Doom2 directory location, and then of course be able to load pwads with ease from that point on.

•Can I record Demo's?

Yes, Doom and Doom2 IPX are setup to record or play demos in the Multiplayer settings dialog. And of course can be recorded in both Solo/singleplayer or Netgame/multiplayer. The default demo name is "tempdemo". You can name it whatever you like, but it can't be anymore than 8 characters long. The demo name doesn't require an extension.

To record a demo select "Record Demo".

Note: Take in mind that when selecting the command "Record Demo", to set it to "No" after you're done recording, ( removes -record from command line.) or at least change the name of the demo. Otherwise your demo name could be recorded over!

If a demo is recorded for a Net Game, the recorded demo is then created and saved in both the client and server Doom folders. The saved demo is in that players view when it was recorded.

You can view/Playback the demo by selecting "Playback Demo". However you must be in Solo mode to play it back. Also, the game settings must be identical to what they were when recorded, for example, if a pwad was loaded.


•Awsome thanks!

No problem! If you have any questions, please message the staff and we'll see what we can do asap!


Thanks for using Doom Connector!