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Setting up a game in Doom Connector is pretty straight forward but there is several steps to it if you've never setup a game in Doom Connector before.

Fortunately most of the first steps only need preformed once on initial setup of a given game. From that point it's just a matter of selecting a supported game you wish to play.

But as it turns out, you are here to get things set up and the title says it all.

Let's us proceed..


The first thing we should get out of the way is where our custom files are located. In this tutorial we will be using a Doom Engine, and in this case it's Chocolate-Doom.

Let's go ahead and select where the Custom Files locations are..


Select Game Support and then Custom Files locations.

As you can see above, we've added the location/path of where both our IWADS and PWADS are located. We also added the location in which we want our acquired pwads to be downloaded to.

Once done, click OK.


Next we need to select our game engine. As mentioned above, we're using Chocolate-Doom. Select Games Support and then Chocolate-Doom Setup.


The Chocolate-Doom Setup Dialog will appear. Select the location/path in which your Chocolate-Doom source engine is installed.

With the above out of the way, click OK and we'll continue on to the next step.


Depending on which tab has been opened last in Doom Connector, sometimes the Rooms tab might need selected in order for the Room buttons to show up. So make sure to select that tab first if needed.


Next we'll want to create a Room to setup our game. This would be a good time to invite your friends in the Lobby if they wish to join your game.

Click Create Room to Continue.


As you can see, Create Room has several options but the most important ones are Room Title, Room Password, Description, and Web Site. These optional fields are fairly obvious as to what they mean, and the default values are usually enough to create a basic room and get things setup. For now, you'll want to at least have a unique Room Name though.


After setting up your Room, click Create.


Our Room has been created. Now we can finally setup our game.

Click Setup Game to continue and the next step.


The Multiplayer Setup dialog will appear. But there's no game Engine selected yet.

Select the game we have configured so far. In this case, select Chocolate-Doom.


After the Chocolate-Doom game Engine has been selected, the Multiplayer Setup will display a pre-defined list of game variables that can be freely changed and configured to your likening. Once done, click OK.


The game is now setup with the above settings, these settings can be changed at anytime before launching the game if wanted. At this point we could launch the game, but lets add a PWAD/Custom File into the mix.

Click on Setup Game again, Custom Files, and then Add PWAD.


Select the desired PWAD you wish to play that you have previously setup in your Custom Files Location. In this case we selected dweller2.wad.


Dweller2.wad will show up in Additional Files.

Click OK to continue.


In the Room, dweller2.wad will show up under the Custom Files added.


The game is now ready to play. The Ready to Play or Moderate checkbox will already be enabled by default as you are the soul moderator of the room.

Others that want to join your game will need to check the box prior to connecting to your game, informing you, the moderator, that they are Ready to Play.

Once everyone is Ready, Click Launch Game!

Have Fun!